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Interactive Presentation for Open Air Museum Arnhem

Co-operation museum and NAM in project “Energy from Dutch Soil”

On Tuesday 13 May 2014 one of the last remaining operational pumpjacks in The Netherlands got a second life in the Dutch National Open Air Museum in Arnhem. The pumpjack came from oil extraction location Berkel-4 in Rotterdam. In the museum it is a symbol for the extraction of fossil fuels from Dutch soil. It is one of the windows of the Canon of The Netherlands.

In addition to a film about the pumpjack Lefert&Co produced an informative interactive installation about fossil fuel extraction. Studio Ronald Vierbergen designed the installation.

Client: Open Air Museum Arnhem/ Openlucht Museum Arnhem
Agency: Lefert & Co/Leo Scholte ter Horst
Programming: Dieter Bleys
Graphic Design: Ronald Vierbergen